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About Maddison Elizondo, BS, NTP

Maddison is a holistic health practitioner who has a personal experience with chronic fatigue and brain fog. Growing up, she was told that her constant exhaustion was just a part of her busy lifestyle. However, she refused to accept this as her reality and began exploring functional and holistic health. This discovery completely transformed her life, and now she is on a mission to spread the word that healing is possible.

Maddison's approach to healing is centered on addressing the root cause of health concerns rather than merely managing symptoms. She believes that symptoms are the body's way of communicating that something is not functioning as it should and focuses on carefully listening to these signals. Maddison's approach involves addressing imbalances in blood sugar, minerals, and nutrition, as well as regulating the nervous system.

To develop personalized protocols, Maddison combines functional testing with an assessment of a client's current symptoms. Her approach is research-driven and aims to facilitate genuine healing rather than providing temporary solutions. Maddison understands the frustration that comes with chronic fatigue, brain fog, and stubborn exhaustion and is committed to supporting her clients on their journey towards optimal health and well-being.

"After years of struggling with IBS and being told there was nothing that could be done for my symptoms, I finally reached out to Maddison. She was able to uncover multiple deficiencies and imbalances in my body and create a protocol that addressed my issues and was achievable with my busy schedule! It has been so refreshing to work with Maddison, get a fresh perspective on my health, and finally start feeling like myself again! I’ve told so many friends and family about Maddison and could not recommend her enough!" - Becca Cockman

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