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About Micaela Riley, LFN, CHN, CPT

Meet Micaela, a passionate and experienced nutritional practitioner and health advocate. In her early twenties, Micaela faced a myriad of health issues, from PCOS to Hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, and chronic bloating. Despite seeking help from multiple specialists, she was met with frustrating dismissals and a lack of answers. But Micaela refused to accept band-aid solutions and turned to functional medicine to heal her body.

Through functional lab testing and other holistic healing methods, Micaela was able to reverse all of her symptoms and achieve true happiness and freedom within her body. This transformative experience ignited a passion within her to help other women achieve the same results through functional medicine.

Today, Micaela is committed to empowering individuals who are struggling with their health to find lasting relief and answers through functional medicine. She encourages people to take a functional approach to their health, utilizing appropriate labs and techniques to heal and support their bodies. She firmly believes that investing in one's health in this way will undoubtedly be one of the best decisions they can make for their life.

Drawing on her extensive experience of helping numerous women overcome their health struggles and seeing transformative results, combined with the innovative approach of Kale Diagnostics, Micaela is confident that she can be a valuable guide on anyone's health journey.

"Working with Micaela was life-changing! She’s in-depth and thorough, and when she sent me my plan she went into detail about every change I needed to make and why instead of just telling me what to buy and calling that good. I struggled with severe bloating and hormonal acne and working with Micaela has absolutely helped with both! My body is so happy thanks to Micaela and I would 1000/10 recommend any woman to work with her."  - Macey Sutter

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