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About Sarah King, BS, CHC, NTP

Sarah is an experienced nutritional practitioner with education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Nutritional Therapy Association, and a masters in nutrition and functional medicine from University of Western States. Her passion lies in rebalancing the microbiome & supporting healthy hormonal cycles. Whether you're dealing with hormonal imbalances, PCOS, post-birth control use, IBS, food sensitivities, thyroid imbalances, or other health issues, Sarah believes that these can all be addressed by improving the diet, stress management, targeted supplementation, and strengthening the gut microbiome.

Sarah's personal journey led her to overcome various health problems, including acne, bloat, PMS, PCOS, fatigue, and headaches. Despite receiving no substantial support from specialists who only offered medication with side effects, Sarah was determined to find the root cause of her struggles. Rejecting the quick-fix approach of medications and surgery, she utilized functional testing to uncover the underlying issues. For her, and for many others, functional testing was the first step in uncovering the root cause of her issues. Utilizing the data from the labs to create specialized care, bio individual nutritional changes, and supporting the foundations of the body was a methodical approach that helped her heal herself, and now she wants to help others do the same.

Today, Sarah is committed to assisting individuals in finding answers to their health struggles, just as she has done for herself and many others. Her expertise lies in improving gut health and hormonal imbalances through functional testing and targeted nutritional support. Sarah is passionate about alleviating discomforting symptoms and providing the support that the conventional health care model could not. She is dedicated to helping her clients achieve optimal health and wellness by identifying the root causes of their health issues and creating personalized nutrition plans that support their body's natural healing process.

It’s truly heartwarming to be a client of sarah’s— she cares and helps uncover all avenues of mental, physical, and emotional health and well being to help me operate at my best. I know the things I have learned from Sarah, no other doctor has uncovered in the years I have been seeing them. if you are struggling with mood, energy, or want to fine tune what you’re already doing— getting Sarah’s perspective really changed everything for me." - Sami

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