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Client Stories

"I am so grateful to have found the Kale Diagnostics team. I have spent years consulting with multiple doctors and reproductive specialists who provided a one-size-fits-all approach to my hormone and infertility struggles without considering nutrition. I knew that I deserved more for my health journey and was tired of living with so many unexplained issues. I simply did not know where to turn and could not find a nutritionist in my area with a holistic approach. The team worked carefully to shape a plan to fit changes going on in my life and one for long-term success. Kale Diagnostics has provided the guidance, support, warmth, and kindness that I needed to make changes in my life and I am extremely grateful to have crossed paths with them!"

Rachel Rider

Jillian McDaniel

"We had been trying to conceive for 18 months and decided to walk away from fertility treatments...I started working with them in January, and at the end of February....I got a positive pregnancy test! I could hardly believe it. We are so thankful for Kale Diagnostics. Our lives are forever changed, and we can’t wait to meet our little one!"

Marianna Bisson

"My practitioner was able to speak wisdom & insight into my situation & offer suggestions that she believed would have a radical impact. She was right! I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with the Kale Diagnostics team. I have so much more confidence around my health than before. They absolutely go above & beyond for their clients, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to invest in their overall health!"

"I started working with the Kale Diagnostics team because I really wanted to heal any internal hormonal and gut issues to hopefully clear my skin. I have struggled with acne for 12 years and I knew something needed to change. I decided to invest in myself by investing in high level 1:1 support and it has truly changed my life. I have hardly been breaking out, I literally have the clearest skin of my life (I’ve done everything from accutane to retinol and every other diet you could think of). Also, my digestion is on POINT, my periods are way less painful, and I have so much more energy..."

Taylor Reece

Taylor Reece

"...I have seen so many different health professionals but Kale Diagnostics looked at my lifestyle habits, my background, and all the in betweens to come up with the perfect plan for me, that actually worked. My practitioner even took into account that I struggled with disorderly eating in the past and assessed that into creating my protocol. If you are on the fence about taking this step - just do it! It will change your life!"

Echo Raphel

"Working with Kale Diagnostics finally gave me answers in terms of what was actually going on with me. I went to numerous doctors who told me I must just have anxiety but I knew it was so much deeper than that. My practitioner listened to me and treated me like my problems actually mattered! I went from barely being able to get out of bed to back to having energy and living my normal life. I could have never figured out what to eat and what supplements to take without their (individualized) help and THAT is priceless!"

Fern Pratt

"They were so thorough in establishing a health history and getting a grasp on what it is I’m struggling with. I’ve already been raving about their approach to all of my friends and family, I would recommend reaching out and applying to work with the Kale Diagnostics team if you are finally ready to SERIOUSLY take charge of your health and experience healing."

"They were able to pinpoint what was going on with my body and treat it directly, giving me very visible results both outwardly and inwardly."

Lauren Rader

We found that I was dealing with SIBO, Hashimoto’s, and a poor-functioning liver, among many other things. Since addressing these concerns, my acne has significantly cleared up, my thyroid is functioning better than it has in a while (even than it was when I was on medication), my liver is finally starting to detox properly, and my periods are consistently 28 days apart and less painful. I am on my way to no longer qualifying for a PCOS diagnosis, and it is all because of Kale Diagnostics help."

Samantha Snyder

Kale Diagnostics approach and guidance was individualized to my specific needs, and they guided me every step of the way with thorough meal planning, supplementation, and loving conversation. It is with their help that I have regulated my cycle after years of irregularity, learned to treat food as medicine rather than an enemy, and have become the healthiest I have been in years. I cannot recommend working with Kale Diagnostics enough. Their heart and sincere care for every one of their clients is incredible and they are the best team you could ask for when choosing to re-claim your health as a top priority in your life. Thank you for not only helping me heal my body through nutrition, but helping me learn how to love myself again.

Mara Roznowski

"Chronic was the definition of my health before working with Kale Diagnostics. Anemia, fatigue, bloat, headaches, exhaustion - that was just life as I knew it..."

Caitlin Royall

"...I began working with them because I had no idea where to begin. It seemed like my health concerns were a giant web of issues and I had no idea which path to take or in what order to address them. All I knew was that I was tired of being tired + bloated. I knew there had to be more to life - and that's where Kale Diagnostics came in. They were the first to really listen and string together every concern big & small. And most importantly: They were the first to have a plan that wasn't just taking iron supplements. I knew from the very beginning that I was working with the right team who had a solution rather than a bandaid- finally. And because Kale Diagnostics is in the business of not providing bandaids, my time working with them has been far more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. The methods doctors were using to "heal" were actually harming me. The root cause was found where no one but Kale Diagnostics looked. No doctor or specialist ever mentioned gut health - but that was exactly where they began. I didn't need iron, I needed to heal my gut. Despite the complexities of my case, they never wavered in their support and commitment to my healing journey. They were right there for every high and low. Their knowledge and confidence in their practice assured me that we were going to tackle this thing. I now know what true living feels like - and I owe it all to Kale Diagnostics and their solution-focused approach to healing through nutrition."

Meghan Mikulencak

"I feel like a whole new person! Happier, less anxiety, more present, and just all-around healthier! I feel empowered to make healthy eating choices and nourish my body in a way that is not restrictive. The team's knowledge and attention to detail is incredible- the meal plans and protocols were so well thought out and detailed, without being overwhelming. Working with Kale Diagnostics truly gave me a kick start for a new lifestyle, and I would recommend working with them to anyone!"

"I have been empowered with education to know what I need to do to support my body and what my body specifically needs! It's crazy to understand that once your body heals in the correct way, it knows what it can and can't handle and will tell you! Alongside the nutrition, Kale Diagnostics has helped me understand the importance of making lifestyle choices to help me manage stress which in turn affects my body and has helped me learn and implement rhythms that overall are helping me become a better and more healthy me! If you're wanting to learn, and gain more of an understanding of how to support your specific body while healing from the inside out, Kale Diagnostics is the team for you!! It is more than worth the investment."

Kelsey Clark

Taylor Marquez

"I started working with Kale Diagnostics when I realized how bad birth control was for the body. The only reason I was placed on it was because I suffered from painful periods and I was put on it at such a young age that my body didn’t know what it was like to be off of birth control. I was so scared to come off of it but the team definitely helped me with that fear. My assigned practitioner was so kind and walked me through every concern I had. While working with the Kale Diagnostics team, so many of my bad health symptoms went away! No more headaches, no more dizziness, they showed me how to eat to heal my body and I had so much more energy! They helped me get through something that would have been way too overwhelming for me otherwise. I would recommend working with Kale Diagnostics because they helped me in ways other Doctors/Professionals couldn’t. You won’t regret working with them!"

Carolina | Client 

"Before reaching out to Sarah I worked with nutritionists and a functional medicine doctor. I made great progress working with these professionals, but I made no headway mentally. I felt extremely dissatisfied with my body; more so than I did when I began this process in 2016. My personal life revolved around my meals, my macros, and my workouts. I reached out to Sarah wanting to fulfill a small weight loss goal and for precise guidance on which diet would work best with my body. Sarah – lightly but swiftly – shut those ideas down because she could sense I was coming from a negative headspace: She helped me realize I was on a mission to change a body I hated using a mind I didn’t trust. Considering the positive lifestyle changes I had already made, Sarah tailored my program to be more therapeutic and emotionally supportive. Over the course of three months Sarah has given me the tools to help me shift my mindset and start developing self-trust. She is always suggesting resources to me, to help me see myself in a more positive light. Sarah has given me the guidance to turn inward vs. outward for validation and acceptance. By working through my sessions with Sarah, she helped me discover that my true goals were to heal my relationship with food and myself. There is no program, macro tracker, or app that could heal me the way Sarah has."

"Although I thought I had a great, healthy living life style and exercise regimen, sarah showed me things I could add and use appropriately to reach my goals without restricting me. I now feel more comfortable with my relationship with food. sarah helped me with more than just my eating habits, but managing my energy throughout the day by pairing certain foods and getting the proper hydration I didn’t know i needed. It’s truly heartwarming to be a client of sarah’s— she cares and helps uncover all avenues of mental, physical, and emotional health and well being to help me operate at my best. I know the things I have learned from sarah, no other doctor has uncovered in the years I have been seeing them. if you are struggling with mood, energy, or want to fine tune what you’re already doing— getting sarah’s perspective really changed everything for me."



Kelcie's Story

"Working with Sarah changed everything. I cannot thank Sarah enough for the last 6 months I feel so much better overall - better about what I'm feeding myself and my family, better about the decisions I am making around lifestyle and food, and better equipped with the right practices and habits to continue this healthier lifestyle moving forward. I appreciate all the time and effort Sarah spent helping me to identify the biggest opportunities while also turning them into smaller, actionable goals that made it easier for me to achieve."

Maddie's Story

“Not only has my bloat almost disappeared… but I have lost weight, I'm having a daily bowel movement (used to be every 4 days), my hair is thicker and stronger, my skin is smoother, and I have more energy than ever!”

"Working with Sarah has helped me simplify my relationship with food and supplements. I have become more organized and compliant with my daily supplement routine, prioritize meal prep, and have become much more aware of ongoing (vs scheduled) movement."

Alex   | Client

"Sarah helped me with more than just my eating habits. She also taught me how to manage my energy throughout the day by pairing certain foods and getting the proper hydration I didn’t know I needed."

Ali |  Client

“I loved working with Sarah, she gave me realistic changes that I could incorporate without feeling overwhelmed. I had a few goals when starting one of which was improving my sleep and the feeling of exhaustion throughout the day. I think the biggest benefit of what she brings to the table is helping cut through all these mainstream diet & supplement fads out there to help you find what will work for your body backed by science (she had a reason, provided research, and collected data for everything I tried). After working with Sarah during my protocol I’ve never felt so well rested and have more energy than ever before."

Tori | Client

Theresa's Story

“I came to Sarah with a history of miscarriage, adrenal fatigue, lack of focus, bloating, forgetfulness, dry skin, psoriasis, poor sleep quality and anxiety. After 3 months, I have ZERO anxiety, I'm sleeping through the night, I have motivation, I have more focus, my psoriasis is gone, I have no bloating, and overall feel well and confident in my body to get pregnant again. Sarah provided a safe and judgement-free zone where I felt I could be completely honest with her about my thoughts and slip ups. She empowered me with the fact that these lifestyle changes are MY choice. I have the freedom to choose not to participate in what does not serve me. This was an investment well-made."

Emily's Story

"I have been working with Sarah for 6 months and have never felt so knowledgeable on how to best feed my body in order to reach my goals. Although my own issues were not always so clear, she was unbelievably patient with me and always validated my feelings and put my health first. I am extremely grateful for her support, the lessons she has instilled in me, and the time she gave me to me day in and day out."

Kale Diagnostics

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