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You Deserve Better.

What Sets Us Apart

Kale Diagnostics is a root-cause-focused nutrition practice focused on your greatest health potential. Through functional lab testing and thoughtful analysis, we help you understand what is really driving symptoms - and show you what is needed to restore balance to your body through nutrition-based approaches. At Kale Diagnostics, you are supported by a team that is dedicated to your success. Instead of being supported by only one nutritional practitioner, you are supported by a team, which facilitates a truly comprehensive approach. Our practitioners, research team, and client satisfaction team are here to ensure you walk away with greater knowledge and empowerment in your health journey. Click Here To See How It Works

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Kourtney BS, CNC, FDNP, & Founder

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About Kourtney

Hey there, it's Kourtney. I'm a functional nutritionist (BS, CNC, FDNP) who specializes in helping women bring balance to their bodies through food. After years of experiencing chronic health struggles, I was tired of the quick fixes, medications, and doctors telling me that "everything was fine", despite feeling my worst. Through a friend's suggestion, I discovered functional nutrition and lab testing, and my outlook on health was never the same. Through years of research, mentorship and functional training, I discovered answers to the hormone, gut, and immune issues I had been struggling with for years. I lived much of my life thinking that healing was out of reach, when in fact, Western modalities were simply failing me. Thanks to functional labs and individualized nutrition, I was able to overcome both a PCOS and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis diagnosis - and now, years into remission, I am thankful to now help women (read their stories here) find balance in their health through data driven, evidence based approaches that meet them exactly where they are. I believe that there is always an answer, and that solutions are rarely far away - even when you can't see through the fog of disappointment and confusion that health struggles can bring. If you're ready for real health changes, my team and I are there to support you every step of the way. 

Evidence-based lab testing drives our decisions in your care as we support your body through food and targeted supplementary approaches. During your time with Kale Diagnostics, you are paired with an experienced nutritional practitioner who will thoroughly address labs, nutrition, and lifestyle factors with you in a hands-on setting. The whole team is here to support you, as your assigned practitioner reports back to the team to confirm and review the best plan of action for you. 

Meet Your Team

Kourtney Simmang BS, CNC, FDNP

Founder of Kale Diagnostics & Nutritional Practitioner

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Sarah King BS, NTP

Kale Diagnostics Nutritional Practitioner 

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Courtney Coe MS, RDN, LDN, CSCS

Kale Diagnostics Nutritional Practitioner & Personal Trainer

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Amber Adkins RN

Integrative Health Researcher

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Mikaela Martinez RHNC

Lab Coordinator

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Melanie Kruth

Client Hospitality & Operations

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Claire Maxam

Client Hospitality

Kale Diagnostics has helped women confidently navigate...

PCOS & Endometriosis

Hashimoto’s & Grave’s Disease

SIBO and Gut Issues

Thyroid & Hormonal Struggles 

Infertility & Pre-Conception

Autoimmune Disease 

Adrenal & Cortisol Dysfunction

Metabolic Health and Weight Management 

Food Allergies and Unique Restrictions 

Unexplained Health Struggles

Group Coaching

Group coaching is the most affordable way to access lab testing, extensive health education, and an impactful level of 1:1 support. Through a community-style setting, you will learn the ins and outs of health, while being provided with extensive resources that will support your health long-term.

Starting at $399/month or $2094 paid in full Apply Here

Get ready to learn, connect and begin overcoming your health struggles by following the Kale Diagnostics framework: labs, data, and research-based solution implementation. With over 20 hours of intentional education, introductory 1:1 practitioner support, and included functional labs (1k+ value), Kale Diagnostics Group Coaching is the perfect place to start or up-level your health journey.

High Level 1:1

Sometimes complex health struggles require more intensive support with an even deeper dive into individual health data. Through 1:1 coaching, extensive functional lab testing, and intensive one-on-one calls, your dedicated Kale Diagnostics practitioner leads you through your health journey in a private, highly supportive setting.

Starting at $575/month for 9 months of support

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The main factors that set high-level 1:1 apart from group coaching are the additional functional lab tests and the 1:1 support you receive from your practitioner, which includes private coaching calls and extensive private messaging support. All high-level 1:1 Kale Diagnostics Practice Members automatically receive access to Kale Diagnostics Group Coaching, where they learn and experience support in an intentional group setting.

What We Offer

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"It has been through them believing in me that I began to believe in myself and my capabilities of taking control of my health. Kale Diagnostics' approach and guidance was individualized to my specific needs, and my practitioner guided me every step of the way with thorough meal planning, supplementation, and loving conversation. It is with their help that I have regulated my cycle after years of irregularity, learned to treat food as medicine rather than an enemy, and have become the healthiest I have been in years. I cannot recommend working with Kale Diagnostics enough. Their heart and sincere care for every one of their clients is incredible and they are the best team you could ask for when choosing to re-claim your health as a top priority in your life."

Mara R.

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You Deserve To Heal

You dream of thriving health, but your root cause health struggles are holding you back. Through diagnostic functional labs and practitioner support, we help you kick your symptom-causing imbalances to the curb.

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We Assess Your Health

Based on your level of need, the Kale Diagnostics Team suggests which plan of action is best for you. Are you a candidate for group coaching with one call and two labs, or are you a candidate for more practitioner guidance and more labs?


We Gather The Data

Once you welcome us to your journey, we mail functional lab tests and request that you complete those at home, along with a detailed health history form. Once we have your health data, we create your health protocol, and you meet with a Kale Diagnostics practitioner to review labs and go over the plan of action that the team has agreed upon. Each time a new lab is back, protocol edits are made to match your needs.


We Support Your Unique Needs

We monitor your progress to ensure you can be successful with as little sacrifice or struggle as possible. We believe wellness should be an enjoyable and results-driven journey. We work alongside you until you are equipped enough to thrive on your own.


Ready To Be Supported In Your Health Journey?

Your Team

During your time with Kale Diagnostics, you are paired with an experienced nutritional practitioner who will thoroughly address labs, nutrition, and lifestyle factors with you in a hands-on setting. In addition, the rest of our wellness practitioners support you, where all protocols pass through and are reviewed. 

Essential Education

When you work with Kale Diagnostics, you receive extensive education that will serve as a core foundation for your wellness success. This is typically accomplished through live or recorded educational training and handouts that you will have access to throughout

our time together.

Data + Support

Your practitioner will meet with you on live calls to support you through the entire 1:1 process, including your comprehensive initial intake, and functional lab testing results. Your practitioner brings your complex health case to the drawing board with Kourtney (our founder) and the rest of the Kale Diagnostics, where the best solutions and action steps are thoughtfully selected for you.

Extensive Support

Your protocol will include detailed lab interpretation and findings,
and a strategic, fully custom meal plan, along with intentional supplement and lifestyle suggestions based on your health data. We support you through your healing journey, while tracking progress, making adjustments, and running lab re-tests and comparative analyses when needed.

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"Despite the complexities of my case, the Kale Diagnostics team never wavered in their support and commitment to my healing journey. Kourtney and the team were right there for every high and low. The knowledge and confidence in their practice assured me that we were going to tackle this thing. I now know what true living feels like - and I owe it all to Kale Diagnostics and their solution-focused approach to healing through nutrition."

Caitlin R.

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