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Discover the Root Causes of Your Health Struggles.

1:1 Practitioner Support

You are paired with a naturopathic doctor and nutritional practitioner who will thoroughly address labs, nutrition, and lifestyle factors in a hands-on setting with you. The rest of the team supports you by reviewing and confirming your protocols.

Functional Lab Testing

By basing our approach on data and science, we eliminate the guesswork and gain a clear understanding of your health. With accurate and detailed lab results, we can create a personalized plan of action tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Personalized Protocal

There is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to your health. You'll receive a protocol that will include detailed lab interpretation and findings, and a strategic, fully custom meal plan, along with intentional supplement and lifestyle suggestions based on your health data. 

Foundational Education

You receive extensive education that will serve as a core foundation for your wellness success. This is typically accomplished through live or recorded educational training and handouts that you will have access to throughout our time together.

Kale Diagnostics

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Kale Diagnostics has helped women confidently navigate:

PCOS & Endometriosis

Hashimoto’s & Grave’s Disease

SIBO and Gut Issues

Thyroid & Hormonal Struggles 

Infertility & Pre-Conception

Autoimmune Disease 

Adrenal & Cortisol Dysfunction

Metabolic Health and Weight Management 

Food Allergies and Unique Restrictions 

Unexplained Health Struggles

Meet The Team

What Sets Us Apart

Evidence-based lab testing drives our decisions in your care as we support your body through food and targeted supplementary approaches. During your time with Kale Diagnostics, you are paired with an experienced nutritional practitioner who will thoroughly address labs, nutrition, and lifestyle factors with you in a hands-on setting. The whole team is here to support you as we confirm and review the best plan of action for you.

Kourtney Simmang

Nutritional Practitioner

Kourtney Simmang (BS, CNC, FDNP) is the founder of Kale Diagnostics and is widely esteemed as a leading functional diagnostic nutritionist within the field of functional medicine. She overcame chronic health struggles through functional nutrition, lab testing, and extensive research, finding lasting solutions to hormonal, gut, and immune issues. With her distinctive expertise and unwavering dedication, she has proficiently guided women towards sustainable wellness by leveraging personalized nutrition plans and supplemental strategies.

Dr. LuLu Shimek

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. LuLu Shimek is a distinguished alumna of the esteemed Bastyr University, who has since become a pioneering expert in the fields of women’s health, biohacking, and genetic analysis. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. LuLu works with patients experiencing chronic diseases such as hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Her philosophy is centered around uncovering the root cause of illness and igniting the body's innate ability to heal, resulting in life-changing transformations.

Courtney Coe

Registered Dietitian

Introducing Courtney (MS, RDN, LDN, CSCS, CLT), a seasoned Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Recognizing the shortcomings of conventional health approaches, Courtney chose to pioneer in the realm of functional nutrition. Her specialization lies in empowering women to rejuvenate their bodies through profound nutritional practices, insightful functional lab testing, intentional exercise, and precise supplementation.

Sarah King

Nutritional Practitioner

Sarah (BS, CHC, NTP) is an experienced nutritional practitioner with education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Nutritional Therapy Association, and a masters in nutrition and functional medicine from University of Western States. Sarah's personal journey led her to overcome various health problems, including acne, bloat, PMS, PCOS, fatigue, and headaches. Using lab data for tailored care and personalized nutritional modification, Sarah methodically healed herself. Now, she aids other women in their health challenges using the same approach.

Micaela Riley

Nutritional Practitioner

Micaela (LFN, CHN, CPT) is a seasoned nutritional practitioner and fervent health advocate. Encountering a multitude of health challenges in her early twenties, from PCOS to Hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, and chronic bloating, Micaela navigated her way to wellness. Leveraging functional lab testing and embracing holistic healing methods, she successfully reversed her symptoms, uncovering a newfound sense of joy and freedom within her own body. This remarkable transformation ignited a deep-seated desire within her to guide other women towards similar outcomes through the power of functional medicine.

Maddy Cooper

Nutritional Practitioner

Maddy (NTP) is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner specializing in helping individuals pinpoint the root causes of chronic health conditions. In 2009, Maddy found herself bedridden with Lyme disease, a condition that only exacerbated under conventional allopathic treatments. Upon exploring alternative medicine, she realized the pivotal role nutrition plays in overall health. This personal experience kindled a burning passion within Maddy to assist others along their health journeys. After a decade of meticulous research, experimentation, and self-healing, Maddy is now adept at facilitating transformative healing for others.

Mikaela Martinez

Nutritional Practitioner

Mikaela (RHNC) is a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach. She transformed her personal struggles with health and emotional issues into a holistic healing journey. Confronted by the challenging reality of debilitating menstrual cramps, persistent anxiety, and ongoing digestive discomfort, Mikaela embarked on a purpose-driven exploration into the world of health and wellness. Through extensive research, she adeptly navigated various therapeutic modalities, targeting solutions to transform her personal health and to bring effective wellness strategies into the market.

Kellie Bernardi

Nutritional Practitioner

An accomplished functional nutritionist (NTP, CHC, CPT), Kellie espouses a deep-seated passion for an integrative, whole-body approach to wellness. Her pathway into functional medicine was paved by her mother's diagnosis of breast cancer, an experience which revealed the gaps within Western medical paradigms. Facing her own health quandaries, she found profound insights and personalized care in functional nutrition and diagnostic lab testing. Now, Kellie strives to embolden others to achieve their optimal health by acknowledging their unique health profiles and bolstering their inherent healing mechanisms.

Maddison Elizondo

Nutritional Practitioner

Maddison (BS, NTP) is a dedicated holistic health practitioner with firsthand experience battling chronic fatigue and brain fog. Despite being told that exhaustion was simply a consequence of her busy lifestyle, she refused to accept it as her fate and delved into the realm of functional and holistic health. This transformative exploration ignited her passion, and she now strives to empower others with the knowledge that healing is within reach. Maddison employs a comprehensive approach, leveraging functional testing and thorough symptom assessment to develop personalized protocols for her clients. 

Sydney Shank

Nutritional Practitioner

Sydney (M. Ed, NTP), a distinguished Nutritional Practitioner, transformed her personal health struggles into professional purpose. Her encounters with unresolved health issues ignited a quest for solutions, leading her to a comprehensive study of nutrition. Now, she merges personal passion with her profession, advocating for women's health empowerment. Sydney is dedicated to promoting an understanding of wellness through a functional health approach, ensuring her clients feel supported and understood on their path to well-being.

Amber Adkins

Integrative Health Researcher

Amber, a Registered Nurse and nutrition student, discovered the healing power of nutrition following a personal health diagnosis. Formerly a marathon runner and cyclist, she shifted her belief from exercise being the key to health to recognizing the critical role of nutrition. As a member of the Kale Diagnostics team, Amber's full commitment to research underpins the company's science-backed ideologies. She explores the broad spectrum of health and wellness, ensuring that Kale Diagnostics' contributions remain relevant and grounded in the latest scientific understanding.

Claire Maxam

Client Hospitality

Claire plays a pivotal role at Kale Diagnostics, acting as the essential link between clients and practitioners. As the head of client hospitality, her expertise lies in her exceptional interpersonal skills, ensuring every client feels heard, understood, and valued. Claire expertly facilitates communication between clients and the medical team, conveying clients' concerns and practitioners' responses effectively. Through her commitment to seamless service, Claire enhances the overall client experience, contributing significantly to the supportive and empowering environment at Kale Diagnostics.

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Do you accept insurance, HSA, or FSA?

Kale Diagnostics can directly accept HSA and FSA payment for full coverage. We are not in-network with any health insurance providers, so we do not accept insurance directly, but we are able to facilitate health insurance reimbursement at no additional cost. Many of our clients get partial reimbursement from insurance. Another avenue for our clients to afford our services is through Affirm. With this option, manageable monthly installments can start as low as $62 per month.


What is the basis for the cost of your services?

While the average primary care doctor in America spends a mere 20 minutes per year with each patient, we at Kale Diagnostics prioritize investing quality time in understanding your unique health profile. Our comprehensive services, including lab tests and personalized nutritional support, reflect the additional time and attention we devote to each client, which often proves to be a transformative investment in their long-term health. Although our detailed approach might mean higher upfront costs, we strive to make it as accessible as possible. Not only do we accept HSA and FSA and provide insurance superbills for potential reimbursement, but we've also partnered with Affirm to offer flexible financing. With monthly installments potentially as low as $62, we ensure our dedicated, in-depth care is within your reach, regardless of immediate financial constraints.


What results can I expect to see when working with Kale Diagnostics?

For some, their journey with Kale Diagnostics is a 180-degree, life-changing experience that provides relief from a laundry list of symptoms and years of struggle. For others, we are a helpful stop in their continued journey. The majority of our clients (83%) do see symptom reduction within the first three months, and while we cannot guarantee results, we are always committed to providing the very best and most comprehensive care.


Do you diagnose or treat?

No, we do not diagnose or treat diseases, but you can work with us if you have one or multiple conditions, and we can share alternative treatment options that can be approved by your doctor. It’s important to note that Kale Diagnostics is not intended to replace an individual relationship with a qualified healthcare professional and is not intended as medical advice. Kale Diagnostics encourages you to continue visiting and being treated by your primary care physician or healthcare provider.


How does my relationship with my doctor play into my work with Kale Diagnostics?

We encourage you to meet regularly with your doctor, and if needed, we can provide resources that support your doctor-patient relationship while you work with the Kale Diagnostics team to support your desired health outcomes.


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