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Discover the Root Causes of Your Health Struggles.

1:1 Practitioner Support

You are paired with an experienced nutritional practitioner who will thoroughly address labs, nutrition, and lifestyle factors in a hands-on setting with you. The rest of the team supports you by reviewing and confirming your protocols.

Functional Lab Testing

By basing our approach on data and science, we eliminate the guesswork and gain a clear understanding of your health. With accurate and detailed lab results, we can create a personalized plan of action tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Personalized Protocal

There is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to your health. You'll receive a protocol that will include detailed lab interpretation and findings, and a strategic, fully custom meal plan, along with intentional supplement and lifestyle suggestions based on your health data. 

Foundational Education

You receive extensive education that will serve as a core foundation for your wellness success. This is typically accomplished through live or recorded educational training and handouts that you will have access to throughout our time together.

Kale Diagnostics

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Kale Diagnostics has helped women confidently navigate:

PCOS & Endometriosis

Hashimoto’s & Grave’s Disease

SIBO and Gut Issues

Thyroid & Hormonal Struggles 

Infertility & Pre-Conception

Autoimmune Disease 

Adrenal & Cortisol Dysfunction

Metabolic Health and Weight Management 

Food Allergies and Unique Restrictions 

Unexplained Health Struggles

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Meet The Team

What Sets Us Apart

Evidence-based lab testing drives our decisions in your care as we support your body through food and targeted supplementary approaches. During your time with Kale Diagnostics, you are paired with an experienced nutritional practitioner who will thoroughly address labs, nutrition, and lifestyle factors with you in a hands-on setting. The whole team is here to support you as we confirm and review the best plan of action for you.

Kourtney Simmang


Founder & Nutritional Practitioner

More About Kourtney

Sarah King


Nutritional Practitioner

More About Sarah

Courtney Coe


Nutritional Practitioner

More About Courtney

Micaela Riley


Nutritional Practitioner

More About Micaela

Kellie Bernardi


Nutritional Practitioner

More About Kellie

Maddison Elizondo


Nutritional Practitioner

More About Maddison

Sydney Shank


Nutritional Practitioner

More About Sydney

Maddy Cooper


Nutritional Practitioner

More About Maddy


Do you accept insurance, HSA, or FSA?

Kale Diagnostics can directly accept HSA and FSA payment for full coverage. We are not in-network with any health insurance providers, so we do not accept insurance directly, but we are able to facilitate health insurance reimbursement at no additional cost. Many of our clients get partial reimbursement from insurance. Plans start at $249 monthly, which includes practitioner support and all functional lab test fees. 


What is the basis for the cost of your services?

Kale Diagnostics provides a comprehensive approach to your health, including lab tests and fees, private support from trained nutritional practitioners, and extensive education at each level of support offered. While our program might require a more committed investment, we are also providing extensive support from a well-rounded team. Many of our clients have shared that their time with us was a turning point that allowed them to spend less on their long-term health. Fortunately, HSA and FSA, or an insurance superbill, can often reduce the cost of our services.


What results can I expect to see when working with Kale Diagnostics?

For some, their journey with Kale Diagnostics is a 180-degree, life-changing experience that provides relief from a laundry list of symptoms and years of struggle. For others, we are a helpful stop in their continued journey. The majority of our clients (83%) do see symptom reduction within the first three months, and while we cannot guarantee results, we are always committed to providing the very best and most comprehensive care.


Do you diagnose or treat?

No, we do not diagnose or treat diseases, but you can work with us if you have one or multiple conditions, and we can share alternative treatment options that can be approved by your doctor. It’s important to note that Kale Diagnostics is not intended to replace an individual relationship with a qualified healthcare professional and is not intended as medical advice. Kale Diagnostics encourages you to continue visiting and being treated by your primary care physician or healthcare provider.


How does my relationship with my doctor play into my work with Kale Diagnostics?

We encourage you to meet regularly with your doctor, and if needed, we can provide resources that support your doctor-patient relationship while you work with the Kale Diagnostics team to support your desired health outcomes.


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