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About Kellie Bernardi, NTP, CHC, CPT

Kellie is a functional nutritionist who has always been passionate about taking a whole-body approach to healthcare. Her interest in functional medicine was sparked when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she realized that Western medicine wasn't always the best solution for addressing the root cause of health issues.


As Kellie began to deal with her own health struggles, including hormonal acne, digestive issues, fatigue, and estrogen dominance, she became frustrated with the lack of personalized care and quick-fix solutions offered by traditional healthcare providers. She began to explore functional nutrition and lab testing, which allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of how her body worked and how to support it on a deeper level.

Now, her goal is to help others achieve optimal health by taking a personalized, whole-body approach to their wellness journey. She believes that everyone's body has the ability to heal and restore itself, and she is passionate about empowering her clients to take charge of their health and learn how to honor their bodies in a way that supports their unique needs. Through her work, Kellie hopes to help others discover the answers they've been searching for and achieve their full health potential.

"Working with Kellie is a 10/10! I used to have extreme constipation and struggled with horrible PMS after getting off of birth control. Working 1:1 and her bio-individual approach has helped me SO much with getting to the root cause and finally learning how to best nourish and support my body!" - Kimberly

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