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About Kourtney Simmang, BS, CNC, FDNP

Kourtney is the founder of Kale Diagnostics and a functional nutritionist specializing in helping women achieve balance in their bodies through food. After years of struggling with chronic health issues and feeling frustrated with traditional western medicine's quick fixes and lack of answers, Kourtney discovered functional nutrition and lab testing, which completely changed her outlook on health. With years of research, mentorship, and functional training, Kourtney was able to overcome her PCOS and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis diagnosis, and all associated symptoms, through individualized nutrition and targeted supplementation.

Having experienced the transformative power of functional nutrition firsthand, Kourtney is now dedicated to helping other women find balance in their health through evidence-based approaches that meet them where they are. Her clinical practice has helped thousands of women achieve sustainable wellness, free of unnecessary restrictions and full of intention. Kourtney is passionate about teaching women how to care for their bodies in the best way possible, and providing them with custom solutions that are tailored to their unique needs.

"The root cause was found where no one but Kale Diagnostics looked. No doctor or specialist ever mentioned gut health - but that was exactly where they began. I didn't need iron, I needed to heal my gut. Despite the complexities of my case, they never wavered in their support and commitment to my healing journey. They were right there for every high and low. Their knowledge and confidence in their practice assured me that we were going to tackle this thing. I now know what true living feels like - and I owe it all to Kale Diagnostics and their solution-focused approach to healing through nutrition." -  Caitlin Royall

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